"Elias Nebula is practicing Japanese but no one knows."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Death Valley Woolgathering

"Fall Poem"

Isn't the "style icon" every Fall
Diane Keaton in Annie Hall?


"Charles Manson Musings"

I was watching recent clips of Charlie Manson in the dock, up to his usual cabaret. This time I was thinking, "Looks like he's had some work done."

Then later I thought, "Manson looks bad. He's looking run-down. Not his usual perky self. He must have a lot of stress in his life."

I stopped midway through this train of thought and caught myself. I went, "What stress? One thing you can't accuse Charles Manson of is keeping things bottled up."

These are my thoughts for to-day. If you tuned in wondering what I am up to these days, THIS IS THE SUM OF IT.

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